Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Oh man. I LOVE inking in the cool, dry air. SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. It's nearly erotic.

I'm surounded by people all day, complaining about how COLD it is outside. COLD. People are walking about comfortably in t-shirts and it's COLD out. People are comfortably lounging about outdoor cafés, sipping wine and coffee and it's COLD out. Water flows freely all about us and it's COLD out. This is not COLD, people. This is HEAVEN. It's going ALL THE WAY UP TO 67º TODAY. Enjoy it while it lasts, people. Tomorrow it's mid 70ºs and up. With no ceiling. It will be HELL. Cause that's what hell is. HOT. And HUMID. And there's no ceiling. Heaven is COOL. And DRY. And there's a ceiling. With a fan.

Don't go to the beach. The beach sucks anyway. Don't get a tan. A tan will kill you. Walk about town. Give a "Howdy do?" to your neighbors. Get yourself a sammich. Laugh at a crippled squirrel in the park. Then go back inside and ink. Ink a doodle doo.

I've got the layouts done for the next two pages. They suck the ass, but they're done. So, last night, I began inking. Inking in the cool, dry air. It was just woderful. New brushes. Fresh ink. Cool, dry air. onderful, sharp lines. Full holds. Smooth, smooth workin'.

I'll do the penwork tonight and then post up to seven panels tonight. Full-page 3!

Looking at my schedule, I should have 23 panels done tonight. Hopefully, I'll have 27 done. Whoo-hoo! I hate all of it. But I need to soldier on right now. Especially since it won't be this nice forever.


I need more Hüsker Dü. And Grant Hart. While I love Bob Mould's contributions, I realised last night that my favorite songs on Zen Arcade are the Grant Hart songs. Adding that to the list of things I should get when I go cd shopping. New Aphex Twin, new Tool, old Grant hart, older Hüsker Dü.

Deadwood Season 2 is out today. Maybe today is the day I go CD shopping.

And then there's Mission of Burma's new cd out too. Maybe that's why, "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" popped up on the iTunes yesterday. Wait. Does that mean Foxxy Brown has a new album out too?


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