Friday, May 19, 2006


"A whole bunch of other development was going on and it was a finite fiscal universe," Milch said, "and they just couldn't push the button at that time for a full slate."

"I guess inadvertently I was part of the equation in that I had believed that ["Deadwood" had] been picked up and I had also given them the script of a new pilot which they wanted to proceed with," said Milch, referring to a new series with the tentative title, "John from Cincinnati," reportedly a drama about surfing. HBO has ordered a pilot for "John" but has not yet made a decision about ordering a series, Milch said.

It's from a story in the NY Post, so I don't feel particulary beholden to link, but click here for the rest.

SURFING??? Surfing alcoholic cops HAS been done already, right?


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