Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Thom Yorke's album without anyone else comes out July 11.

Synchronicity Part 3: After posting about the Flavelas yesterday, Evelyn called to say she was booking her trip to Brazil, for a yoga retreat. It's on some yoga island though, not in a megaslum resort. Or a Megatron resort. Yessss. It actually sounds as fun as it does corny.

My question: what's the difference between a retreat and an overnight camp?

And thinking about megaslums and Brazil and Brazillians and Rio and Brazillians and South America and Brazillians, I let my mind wander a bit north to Central America and think of Mexico City — the biggest city in the world. Megacities, megaslums, Judge Dredd, "I Am the Law," Anthrax and the sound of Joey Belladonna sreaming over Scott Ian's crazy guitar and then thinking about S.O.D. I can't even remember S.O.D. I think they were the really un-p.c. band.


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