Monday, May 22, 2006


Jog writes a HUGE article on François Schuiten and makes me want to dig out my few issues of Cheval Noir to revisit his cyber-sexual cityscapes. If that's what's there. I haven't looked at them for years. I actually have one of his books on my amazon wishlist. He's an artist I always suspected his stories never matched up to his visuals, although Jog makes quite a case for at least one of his pieces. And the visuals are quite amazing.


Saw The Station Agent. Honestly, I'll watch anything shot in, set in or mentioning New Jersey. I don't think I cut things more slack if they have something Jersey in them, but I get a kick out that stuff anyway. Because. I'm. A. Big. Nerd. Jersey is my Texas, except, you know, actually a good place.

I was thrilled to walk in on Marcos watching Superman when Gene Hackman says the second missle is headed for Hackensack, New Jersey. I love trying to figure out where the wormholes along the Turnpike are that Harold, Kumar & friends must be traveling through as they search for a White Castle (all they had to do was drive half a mile to Jersey City).Etc, etc.

So, it surprised even me that I had not seen The Station Agent, set in and shot in Newfoundland, New Jersey. I wasn't even sure where Newfoundland was. Turns out it's in West Milford. Ah, West Milford, where I once left a piece of my heart.

The movie itself is nice, even if the great Peter Dinklage doensn't talk as much as I wish he would. He's still phenomenal. As is the rest of the cast (even that girl from Dawsonback Mountain Creek). And it's got lots of train talk. If this movie had come out 10 years ago, it would have been touchstone point in a relationship I was in. It's a very nice movie that just sort of stops rather than end. Not the greatest thing EVER, but enjoyable.

Also saw The Edukators, a German movie about kids trying to start the revolution by breaking into the homes of the rich, rearranging their furniture and leaving a note of terror (not death). Well, it claims to be that, but the first fucking half of the movie is the cheesiest, most cliché-ridden lovestory. And then it's about the characters getting their ideas about the world thrown all out of sorts by a victim they inadvertantly kidnap. If it had been all breaking and entering heist stuff or all psychological gamesmanship, it would have been a much better movie, but that first half died on the lap. If you're going to do something that bad, you should do it quick — at least that's what I was told in West Milford.


David Cronenberg should make a movie starring Peter Dinklage. Dinklage could be a German conceptual terrorist visiting a cyber-sexual city of the future buried deep beneath the haunted woods of West Milford. I watched a couple of episodes of Alias as Marcos blazed through the seasons at lightning pace. My opinion hasn't changed much. It's La Femme Nikita with a bigger budget, probably more story-arc thought, a great supporting cast and Jennifer Garner. Garner just fires up the antibodies in me and I reject her like mistyped liver. Her Michael Vaughn is no Michael (from Nikita) or Vaughn (Crash). But I love that supporting cast. Some fantastic actors there.

And then there's David Cronenberg. Despite A History of Violence (and probably M Butterfly), the man is probably one of my five favorite directors of all time, and someone I might actually break my 'no theater rule' for. Every once in a while, he shows up in a small acting role, mostly because directors want to honor the guy. Like when Miike showed up in Hostel or John Waters shows up in any number of things. It helps that he's a good actor, and I made Marcos wait before returning an Alias disc so I could see Cronenberg's few scenes.

And, he's great. Wonderful. A little monologue about 'Facon', some little moments of absentminded dementia and a hot redhead assistant who could act. Before she showed up, I was thinking that they should add a robot redhead to pair with the robot brunette and robot blonde on the show. But they actually added a human. There wasn't much of the tech guy, or the Barrack Obama guy, and I had to go another episode for the O'Quinn, but I got some delicious Cronenberg and a nice Prisoner-esque dream sequence.

When I began my Springtime of manga, Kenny offered to lend me Bleach, a manga I had never heard of. He's got, like, 10 volumes of this thing. Oh boy. I'm SO GLAD this wasn't the book I read. I would have never made it to Death Note or Monster or Pushman. This is EVERYTHING I was afraid of when I decided to dip my toes again. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?!?!? There's got to be eighty different visual styles per page. DO YOU HEAR WHAT IT IS THAT I AM SAYING?????? Anytime there's action, the scenes become unreadable. OH MY GOD I CAN"T BELIEVE HOW HARD IT IS TO UNDERSTAND SOME OF THE PANELS OR PAGES DEPENDING ON HOW LONG AN ACTION SEQUENCE LASTS!!!!!!!! Characters shout for no reason. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?????!!!!! There's that crazy anime/manga talk. "What? WHERE IS MY DRESS? I don't know. Huh? Oh. YOU LOOK VERY PRETTY! What? Huh/ Oh. AKIRA!!!!!!" It's really a mess. I might read more, just because there seems to be something fun underneath all the attepmts to make the book seem REALLY FUN. I don't know.


Finished the full layouts for the next two pages of Kaiju Jugoruma. Hopefully, I'll have some inks tonight. But I'm thinking I might need to re-write some stuff. There'ssomething missing.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

bleach is baffling. on disc four is another great guest episode with ricky gervais as an irish bomb builder.
its up there with the tarantino two-parter and the cronenberg eps as one of my fav guest spots. but i sent it back.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Tarantino did a two-parter??? I would have enjoyed that. Also Gervais.

Cronenberg is awesome. How did he do that finger thing?

Bleach is too crazy, I think.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Marcos Perez said...

kenny be crazy!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

That's true. It's weird, because the whole thing is as straight-forward and overly contrived as Death Note and Monster, but it's so hard to figure out what's happening.

A dad who karate kicks his son as a welcome is hysterical, but I shouldn't have to stare at the page for half an hour to figure out that that's what happened.

Kenny be super crazy.

4:30 PM  

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