Friday, June 30, 2006


Before flattening heads last night, 8-Hours explained that it's Ben Babies for shorts. Shorts for Benjamin Babies. Now, that is funny. Then the Weasel for the 00s explained that the jamin in Benjamin should be pronounced Rasta. Suddenly, Ben Babies is funny. What's wrong with my head that I never tried to find the longs of Ben. It's a simple game, but my brain refused to play.


David B.'s Babel 2. He's really doing a full-fledged sequel to Epileptic, is he? Except, remember those movie sequels that where just rehashes of the original movie with a bigger budget? That's sort of what Babel is. We're getting a bunch of the same biographical scenes mixed in with bigger-budget fantasy sequences and world-history explorations. That's fine, as that's something I love from the guy. It's also great to see his work bigguns Ignatz format. And with color.


I've done my MoCCA scans and should have writeups soon. Promises, promises.


And so it goes. Ben Babies, the Weasel for the 00s, set up camp this morning at his new assisted-living location somewhere in the far-offs, waiting for electricity to arrive, all with what I imagine to be a devastator of a hangover.


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