Monday, June 26, 2006


After downloading that Robert Downey Jr. song... what? I couldn't help myself. "I'm broken. (listen to me) I can't hear you. Elefant futurist nose fast"... I went on some kind of unexpected industrial/goth kick. What is about Robert Downey Jr. that made me think of Ministry?

Grabbin' up some Ministry, I decided to check out their pre-industrial music. I forgot what it sounded like. Some things your ears just forget. Like Ministry sounding a bit like UB40. While grabbing Land of Rape and Honey, I also picked up their song "What He Say," because I can't mutherfuckin' believe Ministry did a song called "What He Say" back in their goofier days. You'd think Al Jourgensen traveled into the future and stole a Suave idea before it happened then went back in time and told the band, "This is what the future will be." Then they made it sound like UB40.

Also grabbed some Skinny Puppy, some Front 242, some Front Line Assembly and Depeche Mode's Violator (stealth music fan goes more than 30 years without ever owning Violator, news at 11).

I should pick up some eyeliner on the way home tonight.


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