Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yes, that is what I'll be. I'm gonna be good huge instead of bad huge. And it all starts in July. The coolest month of the year.

What else is Rather Ripped? Why, Sonic Youth, of course. It's back to the days of Butch Vig for the youngsters, and they still craft good pseudopop song, even without the Garbageman. I listened to this last night as I shirked all duty to read Death Note 6: There, All Better Now.

After reading Kenny's moving words and Jog's reasoned words, I realized that a lot of good things happened in DN 5, even if the plot seemed to stall, and I still have problems with Misa Misa. But it did have the single most emotional part of the series, the resignation of Aizawa. Or, the non-resignation of Aizawa, I guess. He was just one of the faceless cops, but that sequence made him one of my favorite characters. And then he was gone. And Ryuk was gone. And Rem was barely there. And the whole gamesmanship story dropped. And I wasn't sure I cared about Death Note anymore. 5 may have been better, but it wasn't what made me fall in love with it.

In #6 we actually get to know the seven replacement Kiras and Light's gameplan becomes more evident as L unravels more of the mystery. It's got more Rem, more gamesmanship, Misa Misa seems more like her old self and I can't wait to see what happens next. Also, it's got a moment that made me stand up and cheer. I cheered. Out loud. I stood to do it. Dman you, Death Note, you made me stand up and cheer.

Can't get enough Jerry Cornelius? Or maybe you want Moorcock back in your life, but this time you'd like it to be readable (like the joke about the tatoo)? Well, Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá's Cassanova #1 is for you. You've read it all before, but probably never in olive green. I'm not up on my 2-color printing, but where does olive green fit in? CMYKOG? Is it a pantone process? How does that work? Anyway, it's all part of that $1 mini-line starting at Image (like Ellis' Fell), so you can read that classic sixties/seventies formula on the cheap. In all fairness, Fraction nails the formula and actually does it up all Gødland style, complete with a nonsense villain, cool Hindu/Kirby monster and Dum-Dum Dougan as necrophile. It's fun. Nothing wrong with formula done right.

And one thing Fraction got me to do was download River Deep, Mountain High, a song I didn't have, even though I could have sworn I heard it recently. Good tune. One day, I'm gonna put together an all-Spector mix and call it Moon Knight for shorts.

Speaking of spooky tunes, I still need more songs for my scary songs mix. It's a mix of pop songs that are actually kind of creepy. Not Hit Me Baby, One More Time creepy or Slave for You creepy, but I Only Have Eyes for You creepy. Beautiful songs that are super creepy. Crimson and Clover creepy. Maybe that Rebekah Del Rio a capella, Spanish-language version of Roy Orbison's Crying. I want to have a full hour's worth, at least.


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