Friday, June 16, 2006


New Mr. Lif. More personal bla-bla-bla. I just hope it's good. I'm not sure I was hoping for less conspiracy theory and future beats and more feelings and goth backings, but if THIS is Lif more personal:

"I wish I could ring the blood outta your clothes/ Give back your afros and your strong black nose," "And I yawn and grow weary/ Succumb to old theory that strips my wits of thoughts I used to hold dearly," and "The Bush Administration's worth nothin' Just fuck em!/ Throw 'em in a barrel Buck 'em!...Fuck Clinton too!/ You ain't really down because you live Uptown, bitch/ Rwanda!"

Then it should be good. He's never been my favorite Def Jux guy (nevermind one of my favorite rappers) but I usually enjoy his stuff.

Action reminds me to check out new Sonic Youth.

And I need to remember that We Jam Econo is June 27.


This weekend should be Suave recordings. With Action in town, and ready to rumble, we might even lay some track. It's been our longest period without putting album, disapointing tens of people. Looking around at Leisure, Action, Mouse and myself, I think the new album should be called Fat Men Whipeout. When did we let it go??? Wha hoppen? Saddam!

It will also be the massive MoCCA dive-in. I'll be hip deep in it. Or knee deep. Looking at my stash, I'm wishing I'd not restrained myself and went hole-hog. Like last time, only better.


I haven't read my MoCCAs yet, but I did read the first volume of Golgo 13's Greatest Hits: Supergun on Jogomendation. The last thing I expected was a book starring Manga Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright's crazy zip-a-tone shirt. And that's what I got. And it's great stuff.

Golgo 13 manages to be the greatest assassin ever, hits the near-anonymous chick spy, out-ballistics the ballistics expert, runs around Iraq with his early-70s sideburns and black shirt under a white jacket "undercover," gets jobs done without even being hired and barely shows up in his own book. This is how cool he is. He doesn't even have to be there, and he's still the awesome.

And that's what the stories are about. This guy is so awesome, you don't even know how awesome he is. And then you try to imagine how much more awesome he must be. Either you try so hard to imagine, you imagine something worse than you can stand, or you dismiss his awesomeness to the point where you set yourself up to be destroyed by it.

Good funs.


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