Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There's a Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger (with Dr. 13!) coming in September. Get me drunk and I'll tell you of my Phantom Stranger love. I'll tell you (get me drunk and I'll tell you anything you want, baby). Now I with I'd been able to get the mold off that wacky Mignola series. PHANTOM STRANGER!

I've seen words that there's a royalties issue with regards to DC reprinting books after a certain date (which is why Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex ends with Cowboy Beluga instead of more Hex). Which is why we might not see a second House of Mystery (even if sales warrant — who know if they do), but I hope to see more of these great books. Imagine Showcase Presents: Dr. Fate by DeMatteis and McManus. IMAGINE IT!!!

Apparently, if I'd gone to the Grant Morrison signing at Forbidden Planet last week, I'd have heard him say that he wouldn't do "52" unless DC let him do Seaguy 2. Sweet.

Kramer's Ergot #6 comes out next month. Will it be as different from previous volumes as 5 was from 4? The preview images are all different from the last time I visited the site, but it looks like the anthology is actually following a tragectory, a slickness tragectory. Hopefully, it will still be good (great = more like #4, less like #5). And I still don't know how I feel about that cover.


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