Monday, June 19, 2006


Okay. Weekend of Suave. We've layed some down. We got rough cuts of several tracks (I believe 8 was the number floating around). I think I started the weekend thinking all the beats sounded the same, and ended the weekend thinking that we had some wonderful beat variety, but all the vocals sound the same. I'm always frustrated at this point though. We just have the first passes at our vocals down and now we can listen to them, learn them and make them come alive. Afterall, we only just wrote the lyrics this weekend.

Most importantly, we had fun. We indulged our vices without ever going overboard, we did a lot of work without getting TOO bitchy, we relaxed without getting too lazy and we wrote without getting too stupid. And we watched Pootie Tang for the 12-thousandth time.


I've begun the great MoCCA read. I'm still a bit bugged that I didn't get even MORE books, but when would I have the time to read them all? Still, things are looking good on that front.


I YouTubed some of the new ECW (the pay-per-view matches and some of the first Sci-Fi Channel show). It was great to see Paul E so happy. Boy looked like he was about to cry. Some of it was pretty good, too.

Using Sandman to come in and just beat the crap out of silly 'sports-entertainment' characters is a good way to pop it nostalgia without forcing us to watch any real Sandman matches.

Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio was really good. Apparently Rey has been having the worst run as World Champion on Smackdown, losing or being shown up more than he's won, so it was great to see him in a real battle. It was a spot fest, but Sabu actually managed to refrain from any sloppy business he often falls into, and they kept most of the spots from looking staged.

Which was a problem in the Tajiri/Super Crazy vs. FBI match. Some nice stuff from the never-disapointing Tajiri and Little Guido (Nunzio) might be one of the best cruiserweight jobbers around, but some of the attempts at tag work from Tajiri and Crazy didn't work. The awful attempt at a double Tarantula was lousy. But Tajiri redeemed the whole thing with a nutso hold (octopus?) where he climbed up on Mamaluke's head and wrapped himself around his arms. God, I love Tajiri.

Tazz and Joey Styles make a good announce team, and Lawler played his heel-role perfectly in the ridiculously short squash by Tazz. Is Tazz so far gone he can't go more than half a minute with King?

RVD vs. John Cena was strange. I haven't seen Cena in a match since he went to RAW (or Smackdown moved to Friday nights, whichever was first), but I've been hearing about how his off-the-cuff, Stone Cold/Rock mix was splitting the crowds. He seems to have forgotten more wrestling than he's learned and has become this polarizing champion: causing really vocal cheers and boos amongst crowds. With an ECW crowd, though, it was all boos (and fuck yous). All his 'face' gimmicks made him a huge villain as everyone deplored his 'sports entertainment' character in favor of 'real' wrestling.

Except he was wrestling RVD. A guy who can't wrestle either. RVD can be good on the mic (rarely great though) and he can do a number a fun spots (mostly just throwing himself into people and stuff), but he can be sloppy and he can't REALLY wrestle. But RVD can work harcore, he can work garbage, he does the big spots and, most importantly, he stuck with O.G. ECW until the end. So, he's real, but Cena isn't. I call a teeny foul.

What can I NOT call foul on. Kurt Angle. Working with Heyman. I love Kurt Angle. It's hard for me to desribe how much I love Kurt. He has one of the best characters and the best technical ability of anyone ever. I just love that guy. I haven't watched that much, but I did YouTube that match he had with Undertaker a couple of months ago. It was ridiculously good (ceratinly the best UT match I can remember). Aggressive and violent, Angle and UT made every move count and made it look like it counted. It was just brutal. And this is sort of the Kurt who has joined ECW. A brutal may worker, with choke-holds and crazy mouthpieces. He's smaller now that he's off the human growth hormone and pain killers, but he's taking any withdrawl or pain out on his opponents. And I can't think of a better recepticle than Randy Orton. Out 60 days on a sexual harrasment punishment (so say hearsay), Orton needed to be schooled a bit in the ring. And Angle delivered. And then on the Scifi show, Angle just brutally squached Justin Credible. It's beautiful thing to see: Angle becoming this sick, technical maniac. I want more. I just hope that there's enough opposition for him in a thinned out roster to make it interesting.

After Angle v. Sabu... there aren't any real dream matches there. I like Al Snow and Stevie Richards, but I'm sure they've fought Angle and I'm not dying to see that. I'm sure we'll get Angle v. RVD, but that doesn't seem all that special. Angle v. Big Show can be good, but it's been done. Balls Mahoney? Ugh. Terry Funk? PLEASE retire, Terry. Sandman? Dreamer? Tajiri would be great (although I'm sure they've faced off before), but he's not listed on the roster. In fact, that roster looks a bit crap.


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