Monday, June 26, 2006


MOVIES! So many movies.

Jesus is Magic Sarah Silverman's standup movie. I've liked Silverman for a long time, so this was enjoyable but familiar. One thing I realised was that a lot of her jokes remind me of Steven Wright. Maybe it's because so few comedians tell jokes that the comparison seems apt, but I think there's also the fact that a lot of her jokes rely on an absurdist turn. However, Silverman's material is almost all ridiculously offensive. It's also funny, but I wish she had more jokes. Fill that space up.

Transamerica This was good. Felicity Huffman wore more facial prosthetic than I expected, but she acted through it very well. She really is a fantastic actress, and I'm glad she's doing something I'd watch again. The kid is good, channeling the full-on Actor's Studio aproach. It's also got Graham Greene and Elizabeth Peña! She doesn't do much, but he's got a great little part. He and Fionnula Flanagan completely own every scene they're in. It's a classic road-trip movie with strange characters bumping into other strange characters and teaching them to love again before heading off to meet other strange characters. It's well-done, but a million times better on dvd than it would have been in the theatre. Actually, it seemed a bit 'piloty'.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Robert Downey Jr. Val Kilmer. Action-comedy. Is it any surprise no one went to see this? Well, a few people did, and they kept saying it was a really enjoyable film. You know what? That's exactly what it was. A 'wrong man', buddy cop, L.A. detective, action comedy good time. Dialogue that's witty and clever without sounding like the writers were trying to ride Quentin Tarantino's ass. Downey hits all the comedy perfectly, Kilmer is really understated and funny.

Mirrormask Hmm... I love The Dark Crystal and I have a certain fondness for Labyrinth, two films this movie deliberately tries to invoke (well, it apes The Neverending Story rather slavishly as well). It's none of these things, for better or worse. On the one hand, you have all these great Dave McKean images come to life. On the other hand, he doesn't really want you to see them. On the one hand, there's that Neil Gaiman way of writing dialogue that channels Willy Wonka discussing Joseph Campbell. On the other hand, they don't want you to actually hear what the characters are saying. On the one hand, this could all be new and intriguing to you if you've never encountered either man's work. On the other, this will all be all too familiar to you if you have. It's all a bit, 'eh', unfortunately.


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