Friday, June 23, 2006


Brendan McCarthy, Ghostface Killer, Maria Swan, Hypatia Lee and Bettie Ballhaus all filled out their X-Factor application forms at the Kupperman Thrizzle. Under 'previous work experience', Brendan McCarthy wrote, "I did dunz the duel." Ghostface Killer snuck pictures of John Cena from June 19, 2006 in between pages of his resumé, hoping that Madrox the Multiple Man was a fan of the Five-Nuckle Shuffler. Maria Swan hummed a tune from Gnarles Barkley's "St. Elsewhere." The bass lines made her surreal chest quiver. Hypatia Lee wrote that she left porn when she woke up and found that it hurts when I pee. It doesn't hurt her, but it hurts me. Or did, one time. I appreciate her consideration and flag the app for Wolfsbane. Bettie Ballhaus cited her appearance on Super El Bla Blazo. The puppet souldn't be reached for confirmation.

I realized that McCarthy's cover letter was a reproduction of the first four paragraphs of Borges' "The Shape of the Sword." Fed up, I had Strong Guy declare a "Carla's Choice" and we all enjoyed the tight delights.


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