Monday, June 19, 2006


Pics of the June Sessions.

I've been thinking about Suave Prospects a lot lately (mainly because we've been burying our heads in it all weekend) and the work process.

We recorded our first couple of songs over one weekend, with an entire albums worth of tracks recorded and done in about a week. THAT's some rough justice.

We followed that with a couple weeks of pre-planning and then recorded the second, longer album in about a week with about another week of tweaking. This was about 5 months after the first album.

THEN we did an EP about four months after that. That wasn't very good, and represented a bit of a backwards slide after much improvement.

We took some time off and the recorded The Pumping over the course of several extended sessions with more extensive post-production. We brought in a few friends to help out and it all turned out pretty fucking sweet. We even performed our one-time concert.

That show was three years ago. When we did the show, we developed the idea for a new song, recorded before we parted High St. Studios forever. That fall, we began a long process (6 months?), laying down tracks for what would become Forbidden Libidinals.

We packaged that baby up, sent copies to friends and then stopped. Or rather, kept going. Life, wimmins, Florida, employment, comics and everything else suddenly stopped SP in its tracks.

Then, last winter, DJ Wetmouse, King Leisure and C-Man started laying tracks. Rough beats and and rhythm nations. We put a few vocal sketches down and things were starting to go again. And then we stopped. There was too much else to do.

Well, this past weekend we made more tracks, started shaping the recent works and added a ton of texture to the ruffus.

Things are going to stop again. But we'll be in a good position when we pick things up again.

All of this is my overlong way of saying, "I'm thinking about work process. And time." (I'm clearly not thinking about concission).

I'd been working on Kaiju Jugoruma for a bit, when weather struck and made it a less-than-favorable project. So, I found myself making tiny books for MoCCA, but I timed it all poorly and didn't have them done. The day after MoCCA, I found myself consumed by a story that's all roughed out. Then we broke for the Suave, but this afternoon I got cricket-batted upside the head with two short stories. Right on top of each other.

Suddenly, I'm in this rough space. I want to get something done. And I think I will do it soon (barring the big, upcoming move), but I'm also thinking about having some roughs done, sitting and percolating. Lots of thumbs hung on the wall to look at or bury and forget for a little bit of time. And then beefed and tweaked and slapped and shredded. And then workedsome more.

Let little things slip out as big things swell.

Stick it, make it ice.


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