Friday, July 28, 2006


Falling in love isn't the same as being in love and rising to mediocriry isn't the same as sinking into it. At the expense of coming across like a middle schooler — fuck it.

Kids had the right idea all along — but we got old and fucked it all up. When we're young, brevity seems to last forever. As we age, tomorrow seems to get further away from us. The immortality of youth lets us do as we please, when we accept it (and my generation and those following have been scared into forgeting our immortality, embracing outmoded ideas of shame and responsibility when none needed embracing), but our greatest sin is forgetting that as we get older, time grows shorter. As our time grows shorter, we start to think about those things we'll not regret ignoring in death.

We really need to start living the way we'd like to live if we're going to say anything cool when we die. I'd like to die with no regrets, and if death is really creeping up my spine with its shit-eating grin, then maybe it's time I started living like I'll be ready to laugh at it when it does.

I'm a bit drunk, so maybe this isn't the most cohrerent of thoughts, but I really need to start living the way I wouldn't mind dying.

I really hope I csn laugh at this in fifty years. i rwally hope I wake up tommorow.


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