Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Seriously? The big Robotech ship was called the mah-CROSS? That's terrible. When will people learn to pronounce everything the way I mispronounce it. I always said MAC-rose. Learn my ways!

Stupid accenting the wrong part of the word languages.

Yes, I'm watching Super Dimensional Fortress Macross while eating dinner. I wanted to see what the thing that became the first third of Robotech was when it was it's own thing. It's not terrible. It's pretty standard stuff with added indecipherable action. And they keep mispronouncing the name. Also, was the Captain called Captain Global in the Robotech version? Captain Global??? And the hero guy was not that young in the Robotech version, was he? I should watch that.


Call me, Creezy Gonuts. I bought a new intel Macbook. I went to get a new monitor and left with a new computer. I've just played with it a little, but I can't wait to see all the comics made with iComic in the future. Unless I have, already. Maybe that guy that "drew" Alias beta-tested the thing. Maybe Steve McNiven is saying, "Man, if they just had an Awkward Pose pulldown menu, Civil War could be weekly!" Seriously, what is Mr. Fantastic doing in that first panel? Oh, you know you read it. You wanna rut with Mark Millar.


Been reading a bunch o'comics. Yeast Hoist #12. A more sketchbooky issue, complete with reflex-cannon you out of the water panel layouts. Ron Regé Jr., best nature artist in comics, best still-life artist in comics design experimentalist is also making with the awsome experimentaion — just as a, you know, one- or two-off kinda thing.

Planetes Vol.1 — pleasant stuff. I'd read more of it if Vol. 2 was in any store I've visited. Does anyone know if the main charcters keep exchanging hair colors thoughout the series? And does anybody have any idea how time moves in the not-too-distant future? Are years numbered randomly? Aside from that, this is a nice book about garbagemen in space, with likable characters, only sometimes unclear art and a romanticism that's easy to forgive.

Eamon Espey's Wormdye and Edie Fake's Gaylord Phoenix: more please. So much more, please.

I've now read every book by Jason in America. It was actually Hey, Wait! and SHHHH! I hadn't read yet. So, the older stuff. Man, has that guy gotten better, or what? These books are good, but the new stuff is so phenomenal, that they almost render the older books into more of a "completists only" part of his catalogue.

Golgo 13 vol. 3. The "G Fund" story would be an interesting twist on the formula if it wasn't being presented so early in the "greatest hits" series. As it is, it's kind of cool, but not as cool as it should be. I don't really know what to make of the South African story. It plays with history in an uncomfortable way.

The new Comics Journal is ok. It's a fitting end to Dirk Deppy's strange run as editor, in a way. They should have called it, The Gary Groth's Weird Seinfeld on News Radio Interview with Alex Toth and Dirk Deppey's Attempts to Talk to Indy Creators About Superhero Crossovers issue. I look forward to Michael Dean's stab. Deppey's interview with Eddie Campbell still ranks as the best in the Journal since the Highwater issue, and I commend some of the hiring that was done, but this was a kind of lackluster year or so. The Menu interview is the most interesting (and it's about time, too).

Gipi's Wish You Were Here #2: They Found the Car isn't as jaw-droppingly amaziing as WYWH #1: The Innocents, but it's one of the best Stray Bullets issues ever. Lovely, noiry stuff.

And all the hype was right, I'm ready to man-marry Dupuy & Berberian. Get a Life is wonderful and Maybe Later manages to be enlightening and fabulous while still perpetuating the mystery of just how two guys can work together so seemlessly.


Two weeks to go before The Wire Season 3 is on dvd. Season 1 was the single greatest season of any television show in the history of tv. Season 2 wasn't as good. At best, it was the second best season of any television show in the history of television. At worst, it's in the top ten. But still, that's a lot of great television it's better than. Really. Well, quite a decent amount, at least.

Seaon 3 should be amazing. There's some shit/fan hitting gonna be thrown down. This is the only thing that has ever compelled me to get cable and HBO. The fact that I'll have to wait until who knows when to see Season 4 is killing me.

And then it's a month before Lost Season 2 comes out. This is the best show currently airing on network tv. It's nothing like The Wire (except the extended novel-y aspect). It's great fun, though, and season 2 was so consistently good that I look forward to seeing it again (and fast-forwarding through the Kate's horse story — the season's only weakness).

Actually, both shows have really incredible casting going for them too.

And speaking of great recent tv I haven't seen, in between those two releases will be Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 and Veronica Mars Season 2.

At some point, I need to get these comics done, but who can work thinking about dvds?!?!?!


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