Friday, July 07, 2006


What time is my pee? I don't know. Marcos took my pee clocdk. Forts bloggo drunk take that!

So new Thursday totally went the crazy, First tim, we do the jammo! Chaeck it out one time when I scan it on the dillies.

I do it. I do it all. Yuouil' see. Oh. Youl''k see. One time,

So then we get in argu oh my gor ¸Samaranaantha us the bisiness,. The serious business. Fuck couch guy. FUCK COUCH GUY @!!!!!!

An so we get ibn the fight, THe argument odf ages. OF AGES!!!!@ Seruoiusly.

So, I don't kive no Van Vorst. I live the fuckin' Grove Street. O live the fuckin' juhnny Cash Dpwntoen the fucking Gonny cash down tonw! Serrious;y. SeiouSL!!!!!

None if the last shit I typed typed two times cause the ITUNES!!!! whay I clkick you inr times EHT I clicj you one tinmes!!!?????????

Serious;ly. Maybe Kenny lives it in that one place and maybe Marvcos neeeds to find his ambiguous pklace onet ine. Where he at? Who knopws. WHO KNOWS!>!?!?! !?!?!?!?! õ one. His directions put him pone place. His saytings pout him otherplace. Battleworlds. War wolrds. Issaac Benson Bommer Venom,.

Check it one timer. I',, put it up and you'yy sseee Seriously. Seriosly. That the thing. Across 100th St. Seriously.


Blogger peter sweets said...


10:58 AM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Seriously, indeed.

Wait till Pork U. Neil shows up for last laughs.


12:40 PM  

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