Thursday, July 06, 2006


Parenthetical Girls
"Several songs hearken to the innocent flirty teen-pop ballads of the late 50s and early 60s, suggesting that Phils Spector and Glass should have worked together, or at least deejayed an experimental prom. Sweeping tunes "The Weight She Fell Under" and "Stolen Children" both smell like teen Fallujah, and will cure anybody's womb envy, but they passionately want to know if you'll still love them tomorrow."

So, Pitchfork has got a writer I like one time, this William Bowers. I miss the good writings on the site. Maybe I'll check more of his stuff. He spends a LOT of time comparing the band to Xiu Xiu, but that just makes me all the more curious. I'll definitely check all up on Parenthetical Girls.


I must have the office computer of absolute power, because it corrupts fonts absolutely. I can't read what I'm writing and I can't read what you've written, so don't blame me.


Rick Veitch's Can't Get No. When I started this blog, one of the first things I posted was my joy that this book was finally coming out. I have now tried reading it. It looks nice. But it is the crap. It's essentially a good hundreds-of-pages wordless comic with the most atrocious narative captioning ever. Dracula, the Dirty Old Man bad. Unlike that movie, you have to read this captioning. It completely destroys what should be an otherwise enjoyable story.


YouTube crazy in love. Moving Marcos out and spreading my eagles in the apartment has left me too tired to do much work, so I've gone YouTube creezy instead. Wrestling stuff in particular. Watching the new ECW choke on its own Picard has been entertaining (some good matches) and depressing (ruined by poor booking). Watched some NOAH —Kenta vs. Kenta Kobashi in March was pretty great. Some indy stuff — Eddie Guerero v. Rey Mysterio v. C.M. Punk in front of about 40 people in a ring where the ropes were more draped than strung. Some Pride, which pretty much turned me off of MMA. Yes, they are actually fighting in these matches, but it is not entertaining. Give me entertaining fake fighting any day.

Also checked out Left-Eye's Block Party. Why her album was never released in the U.S., I'll never understand.


Okay, so maybe I have done some work. Very little, mind you. While I'm still a bit of a way away from setting up the apartment, I have done some sketches and studies. I was thinking about the 'memory' issue of EMAW and what I'd like to do for the cover. I had an idea in mind, but sort of scrapped it. I had another in mind, but then I started reading Joe Quesada's blog. He's been blogging about the process he goes through in creating a cover for some Wolverine book. Cover from Hell Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

I always thought of Quesada as one of the more interesting of the 'phase 2' Image-generation artists, and his work can still be fun. And I love process stories, so this was a fun read. But the whole thing made me think about something I do many time tanies, and I'm sure a number of other cartoonists do as well: we go with what comes first. Sure, we sometimes work an image over, tighten it, fix it, whatever. Sometimes we find that something isn't workingand we change it. But I'd be surprised if a lot of us thumbnail out a great variety of options before we settle on the best one. Cartooning is so labor-intensive as it is, the idea of adding more tasks is akin to turning a minicomic into a variation of one of Xeno's paradoxes.

But. I'm not doing much work right now, and I recalled something my erstwhile roommate and I once discussed again for the first time. We talked about the amount of thought and preparation and arguing that goes into producing a magazine cover. I think he had been working on the Kelis cover of King when he realised just how much goes into something like that. So, thinking about Quesada's blogging, Kelis and the book in question, I began working on some cover variations. I wound up covering a few sheets of paper with little ideas. Maybe I'll post some.

The problem is, I now find mice elf with a few different options. They could all work. None of them is perfect, since each lacks quality aspects of the others. It's an interesting conundrum...


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