Monday, July 10, 2006


Marcos took us out to eat last night at the Merchant. That was nice. It was all to thank C-Man and Mouse for helping him with the moving. I didn't help nearly as much, but benefitted from Kenny's fullness. HAHAHAHAHA


Anyway, it was very much an assemblage of villains, just like the characters in Villains United the Gail Simone-written miniseries that led up to Infinite Crisis. This is my first Simone comic, and it was really quite enjoyable. Not awesome or Morrisonish, but pretty much what you'd expect a super comic to read like if you skipped the past 16 years or so of super comics.

Let's see, Lex Luthor has decided to reform the Society of Super Villains and call them just The Society (which makes sense, never understood why they'd call themselves villains, or Evil or whatever). He gets Dr. Psycho (he's a dwarf?), Deathstroke the Terminator, R'a's a'l G'h'ul's daughter, Black Adam and the Calculator to get all the super villains together onto one team. Apparently, the Justice League had brainwashed Batman and evil Dr. Light and maybe some other people and all the villains are asceared they're next. Actually, the setup is pretty confusing, picking up random panels from lesser comics and trying to tell you Luthor's plan when it knows full-well it can't tell you Luthor's REAL plan, but it really wants too.

The setup also has some clunky bits trying to explain who these people are and why THEY are in charge. As we all know, it should be Luthor, Braniac, Toyman, Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd, Sinestro, Cheetah, Giganta... Honestly, I'm a nerd and I didn't know what the hell H.I.V.E. was (it's Cobra bees, run by R'a's' a'l' g'h'u'l's daughter). I missed the part where Deathstroke was anything but blonde-fro

Jericho's dad (now he's the greatest guy at what he does and what he does is spend most of his day putting this on

"I'll terminate you soon enough! Just trying to remember where the chainmail... OH! It goes there!") I'm not sure who the Calculator is. He's smart. Whatever, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because Simone knows you might not know, and just makes that part of the story. And if you still don't know at the end, then it probably didn't matter.

Anyway, they're recruiting all the baddies and killing or hurting anyone who doesn't join. So, of course there have to be some kids who don't join, like The Fiddler (heh), Catman, Deadshot, Cheshire (poison Elektra sorta), Ragdoll III, some chick and a random Parademon. They form the Secret Six and do battle the Society.

That's pretty much it, but each issue has action and intrigue and little plot twists and maybe it would help to know about Vandall Savage or Blockbuster, but mostly it's about ejoying the team dynamics of this suicide squad. Like West Coast Avengers or Deep Space 9, it's the misfits of a fictional universe, and someone's having a good time playing with them.

There's a one-shot out there, which I think was really just one of the missing issues from Infinite Crisis and now there's a new miniseries: Secret Six, I think. Fun stuff, and what I'd want from a random superhero comic picked up to airbag the heavy stuff.


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