Wednesday, August 30, 2006


If there isn't a world record for false starts, there should be. On my mantlepiece. Earth minds Are Weak #7 has been the most false-stoppy issue to date. The was a time, when the book was going to be the first issue my heavily researched "life of Jesus" serial. Well, that didn't get further than some pages of thumbnails. Then it was going to be my hip hop comic. THEN it was going to be the first issue in my Kaiju Jugoruma serial. I actually have several rounds of thumbnails for that AND many pages pencilled and inked. But then I wanted to have a new issue for MoCCA, so I worked on several small books to be stuck in an envelope, like I did with EMAW #5. But I didn't get it done in time and many pages of THAT project lie waiting for me to complete them. I revisited Kaiju Jugoruma, but decided I needed to redraw what was done and betterfy the whole thing. In the midst of that, I came upon three short stories that just wrote themselves.

Those stories thumbnailed out pretty quickly, and I started working. After many, many days of nonproductivity, I started drawing the three books. Unfortunately, the pages I pencilled and inked were complete crap. Man more days of nonproductivity followed.

Then I started redrawing one of the stories. Things improved, even if the pages STILL looked like they were drawn with my ass after someone tore it up with a flaming, barbed wire baseball bat. Some of it's ok, but some of it just looks SO BAD.

Finished those pages, for better or worse, scanned them, and I'm currently trying to color them while my mind blanks out on what the hell color IS.

I've got two images for the front and the back of the envelope these three books will go inside (because I can't get away from that idea now). They're not bad.

It wasn't until THIS weekend that I started feeling like the longest of the three stories was going to turn out ok. I've got six pages of pencils for that done.

It will require a superhuman effort, But I think I can get this all done in time for SPX. Just Six months after completing EMAW #6. I feel like a fool. A slow-as-fuck fool.

And, aside from all the stories I haven't finished, I'm already thinking about OTHER stories I'd like to hit. So, look forward to more false starts. From the champ himself.


So, what beer company should sponsor this world record? Does any beer company do that? If not, then I reccomend Kenny Braulasco's Own Special Brew. I haven't tried it yet, the brewmaster suggested I wait until tomorrow before tapping his hops, but I've got a sixpack in the fridge (much easier to keep it there than on my abs) and I expect it will be quite tasty.

A few years ago, the micro-micro-micro brewer made up some beer which was light and a bit fruity. Precisely the sort of thing I like streaming down my gullet. I expect this to be better, and my report on it to be a bit drunken.


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