Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, it's been done. We're not supposed to be using the internet for non-business purposes at work until a server issue is sorted out (it's only been a few weeks now...), but there's been some random jumping on just to see what's what. Today, I discovered that all usenet sites have been blocked. Apparently this means this and every blog, and many sites that have commenting software. Which means, should we ever be able to get back on the web in any reasonable fashion, I'll be effectively cut-off from most of what makes the web worth getting on.

We are a design/production/webhosting company who's employees have almost no access to the web. Wow.


Today is "New Wave bands that started before Punk properly broke" day in my iTunes store. Or so I have dubbed it.

Was inspired to seek out some B-52s, a band that has all the sensibilities of a band I would like, but managed to be absent from my music library. I never even had Love Shack. Now I have a lot of them.

This lead me to filling out my Devo collection. I've only ever owned The Greatest Misses. I love Devo like I love you, baby, but I never got around to actually stuffing them into my box.

This then revived my desire to someday unleash Bel Biv Devo into the world. Someday.

While I pondered Mothersbaugh's version of Poison, I proceeded to acquire more Residents' albums than any human being should ever own. I doubt I'll listen to any all the way through, but it's going to be interesting when those Molemen songs pop up on the random.

Then I got a Gwar album, just to be completely contrary to myself. Take that, ill-concieved theme!

Then I returned to the theme filled out my Pere Ubu library (okay, they started too late to be considered a New Wave band that started before Punk properly broke, so I didn't quite return to the theme, but I was circling the theme like a vulture).

Finally, I managed to hit the theme on the nose so hard it spun like a top and transformed into The Red Krayola a band that formed before Punk properly broke and lasted well into the alternative era. They were apparently never really a proper psychedelic band, and they were never properly Punk, and they were never properly New Wave, and they were never properly Alternative, but they were certainly Post Punk before Punk even happened.

So, the theme went down like Glass Joe with all the Punch Out cheat codes, but it started me on an interesting journey.

Oh, I also got the K-Fed single. Brilliance never felt so good.

Oh, and GZA's Beneath the Surface.


Blogger Kenneth Belasco said...

This should be MUSIC TRADING WEEK!
I have a hardrive of music for you!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

I have to see where I am on comics making week, but maybe Saturday or Sunday?

Get your Popozão while you can!

1:31 AM  

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