Wednesday, August 16, 2006


That never gets old. What does get old? Bill Sienkiewicz cartooning/painting projects that never fet reprinted, like the Friendly Dictators card set from 1989. How awesome would it be to have a book of these? And an updated one, too...

Thankfully, New Medievalism regular, Chris McClaren has done the hard work of posting these up digitally. Take the look, if you have any interest in some pretty awesome art and/or an interest in seeing the sort of people our government has coddled to in the past.

There's some people missing, particularly one I always thought would have made for a great card:

A lot of these guys have been deposed (either by their own people or by the U. S. after they started to get too big for their britches), some have died and a number of them have been replaced in pseudo-democratic elections. All of them are history lessons more "colorful" than you probably encountered in school.


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