Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well, here it be. The 9 posts following this one feature the first-ever jam comic produced by the drunken man-meat threesome of Mssrs. Marcos Pérez, Kenneth Belasco and Justin Fox. We did it and sort of lumbered away.

Each Thursday, we've made it a point to get to gather at the local watering whole, Mercer & Barrow, under the lovely and esteemed stewadesship of Samatha something-or-other. So far, we've scored enough points to make it more of a hockey game than a soccer match.

One time, when the bar went all sausage factory behind our backs (and I still remember when it was all chocolate factory), we picked up pen and paper to produced the afore-mentioned (and a-aft-presented) jammathon.

The amateurcess of it all was simple: Kenny created a character based on hisself called The Dharmanaut. Then Kenny declared that he hated Spider-Man and everything he stands for (your guess might be better than mine what that means, feel free to hazzard one). Then we got drunk. Then we decided that the first jammie we tried on would be Dharmanaut vs. Spider-Man, winner takes all of it off. THEN we each took a piece of paper and drew a first panel. Then we all traded pages and drew a second panel. And so forth, for sooth.

After we had a bunch of terrible and nonsensicle inexquisate corpes, we tried to figure out what the story was. So, we threw on a beginning and an end.

So, here you have it. After much gentle cattle prodding, I have finally gotten up the cur rage to post our shame on the web for prophets. May they be kind and not all "end of the world"-y.

Two disclaimers:

1. We don't really hate Mark Millar. We don't even know him. Marcos is even helping to pay for his legal fees resulting from that one unfortunate incident (yes, I'm lumping them all into one charge).

2. We do really hate Mike Dawson, however. Not the fictional character on Lost, but the cartoonist who's Freddy & Me graphic novel will be coming out from AdHouse Books in early 2007.


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