Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Oh baby, I — I got what I neeEEd, but you say it's just the Wire, you say it's just the Wire. Oh baby, I — I got what I neeEEd

Down in the hole.

Watched the first episode of Season 3 at work. I've said that Season 1 may be the best season of television in history, but it took some warming up to fully appreciate it. Even after that point, Season 2 took some warming up as well. Season 3? I seriously thought HBO had changed their dvd interactivity. Surely, I was hipdeep in Episode three. No, I was just 40 minutes into 1. Den City. Seriously. It's four wheels to the ground and runnin' like the 5-O be chasin' it. Also, it may be the funniest episode yet. That's right. The War on Drugs, political corruption, recividicism, assault, police brutality, beureaucratitic incompetance, addiction, broken families, deceit, murder, prostitution, theft, poverty, suburban flight, frustration, incarceration, debate rules, public hearings, divorce, wire tapping, homelessness, juvenile deliquency — this episode is STACKED with the things that make us laugh.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

dang. i was going to suggest marathon.

11:41 AM  

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