Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Because I hate me more than I hate you, I've added more links to the sidebars. Links I can't use due to serious blockage.

Anyway, Floopie Spurge pointed out Dylan Horrocks' blog, something I never knew existed. This led me to seeking out other blogs/sites I didn't know about. I also added some things I knew about, but never got around to linking. And I updated that pesky Beat link. Oh, and I added links to friends' sites that I'd been lax about. Because I'm a terrible friend.

The Chris Mautner link contains his interview with Alan Moore. Who is going to buy Lost Girls? That's what i want to know. Will it be me? Or will it be some other sucker?

Anyway, whatever you do, DON'T check out Zack Smith and Shawn Cheng's awesome exquisite corpse blog. It's just beautifully drawn monsters fighting beautifully drawn monsters. As far as I can tell, the point of the blog is the same as the Jim Woodring blog: to make you give up any artistic endeavor you might consider undertaking, because they're doing it better than you can imagine.

Personally, I don't plan to look at it again until I'm good and drunk on Braulasco. Drunk tears hurt less than sober tears. At least, that's what I keep trying to tell your mom. OH!

Maybe I AM drunk. You'll never know.


I might have some thoughts on The Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #4 soon. And I hope there's some good stuff out tomorrow. I'm actually out of comics. Maybe Diamond/Tokyo Pop will solve the riddle of the ungettable Planetes... Oh, I do have one thought about Volumes 2–3 of Eden: Wha hoppen?


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