Friday, September 22, 2006


Hmmm... I guess I did get this email, but it went right into the spam folder. Why would I spam mice elf? I guess I'm no better than Ranald Savage and the article he just read and thought I'd be interested in. Anyway,

Back when we used to use our Forum more, the Cliff FACErs would sometimes make lists of nonsense and nonsensibility. I miss that. Great stuff like: best hiphop duos or groups, cliché robot hands,
Kenny's secret job... and on and on. And on and on.

Someday, I might post some of them here for posteriority. But today is not someday. Today is the day I'm gonna be starting something new. Something crazy.

I propose to make a list of the 2007 GREATEST POP SONGS to ring in the New Year. The new year of 2007!

Here are the rules:

1. No classical music, no modern classical music, no pre-classical music. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just a convenient restriction, especially since you then get too deep into the question of variations of performances. Everything else is gamey!
2. It has to be music you or I have or can easily acquire.
3. There must be 2007 songs — no more, no less.
4. Each song must operate on its own, free of all context.
5. All 2007 songs must get my approval (meaning there will be songs you love that don't make it, and songs you hate that do). You are free to make your own, all David Grey list. The difference between your list and mine? Mine will be definitive, yours... not so much.
6. I have to be able to defend each song. If you call me out, and I can't muster a defense of the tune, you win! And it dies. Alternately, you can feel free to make your own suggestions, but you must defend them if I doubt you!
7. This playlist will probably be around 6 straight days long, possibly 7 gay days. So, stock up on coffee when it's all ready for unleashing.
8. I need to average 144 songs per week to get it all done for 2007.
9. The list will be presented in the order the songs are added, and
the order should not be considered qualitative in any way.

Let's begin:

Oh. I did.


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