Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Who's got thumbs and a newly gutted bank account?

When Jog wrote that this week was going to be hefty, I sort of laughed it off. Now who's laughing?

Probably someone with no thumbs...

Kramer's Ergo #6

Comic Art #8

The followup to The Push Man. With a different title just to make you work at giving D&Q money. I think it's called, "Laugh it Up, Furball." No, wait. Abandon the Old in Tokyo. Mom, dad. Guess where we're going next year!

You know, David B. really saved Mome's ass last time around. It helped that a number of the other contributors also stepped up to the plate. But it hurts, because it meant I picked up the new one.

For good measure, I picked up the 4th Hikaru No Go, a couple minis and Casanova 4. The last one made me laugh, and I haven't even looked inside yet. $1.99 and barely tipping a pharmacist's scale.

I didn't get BKV's Pride of Bahgdad. I like Runaways a LOT, but Y, The Last Man was no good and I've heard "eh" from a respected alpha male about Ex Machina. I'll wait on this a bit.

I also almost considered buying Alan Moore's Victorian Treasury of Pornography, but could barely lift the bag as is. And I'm still not entirely convinced it's something I want. I said it to Marcos and Kenny last week, if Alan Moore had done nothing between From Hell and Lost Girls, Lost Girls would be a no brainer. But I've spent money on a lot of lesser Alan Moore books over the years to not get overly enthusiastic about dropping 75 on this.

I'm sure it's good. I've heard that there's muff-diving to alternate dimensions. If ever I had an alley, this seems like it was injection-molded right up it.

But, you know, people said Supreme was good. And WildCATS was good. And Top 10 was good. And Promethea was good. But what I read really
wasn't (okay, Top 10 was just ugly, but adequately written). Now, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was fun. Smax was fun. And Lost Girls probably has tornado tongues, cherry poppy fields, cries of "Off to give head!", Tinkle Bells, Captain Hookers, hole-downing, tweedle double Ds. Smiling kittens. I can't think of anything for Jabberwocky...

I bet Moore did, though. D-Man him!

In the meantime, I've got ass-loads of stuff to read and lots of work still to do.


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