Monday, September 04, 2006


Manny Post while ink dry.

It's nice enough outside that I have all the windows open. Finally airing out the ashtray that is my apartment.

But, now, I think someone is out there grilling tuna. Is that something people do? Do they crack a can and slosh it over the hot coals? What's wrong with people? the air smells like a kitten beacon.

Either way, I think "grilling the tuna" should be a Suave Prospects song. Or at least a hot line. Maybe "crack a can and slosh it over the hot coals" and "smells like a kitten beacon" also.

And "windows open." What?


Blogger Kenneth Belasco said...

Grilled Tuna steak is delicious!

2:58 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

There you go. We'll get a Ghostface rhyme out of this come hell or high waters!

6:39 PM  

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