Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm only about 30 pages into this, but what amazing about the book is McCloud's cartooning. Often, people get worked up about his ideas (one way or another), but we often overlook his virtuoso cartooning both here and in Understanding Comics. Maybe that's because he managed to drop the ball so far on Reinventing Comics and... The Further Adventures Of Abraham Lincoln — ack! ack! ewwww...

Really, the best primer on HOW to make comics is the cartooning itself, more than the further adventures of aspect-to-aspect transitions. Someone should write something about the way McCloud makes his making-of. Making Making Comics.

The complaints from Understanding still apply (accept there's no abstraction pyramid, so far!), but there's plenty of new stuff to enjoy and the book also works just as a great path into McCloud's thought process.

It's providing a great in-between snack while I'm inking and writing. Especially since he starts of with the thing that I was stumbling over earlier this evening... choosing your moment. Choosing your scene. It's like he was reading my mind before I had the thoughts. By the end of the week, I imagine I'll be stuck on thoughts of "genre maturity" and there'll be McCloud, adressing the issue without really answering the specific issue.


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