Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Six panels. One full page and a half page of redraws. Then I'm done with "The Game." I have some lettering to do on "I am God." And I'll have some puter work to do, but that line at the end of the tunnel is just round the next corner.

Checked the colors on "Remember" and it turns out my 'coloring on a laptop' fear was unfounded. The colors look pretty on target. I have a little cleaning to do on that, but it looks like it's just about ready to go. So, some lettering on "I am God" and just six panels on "The Game." I should be done drawing tomorrow. "God" lettering is either Thursday or this weekend. The puter work for "Game" should be pretty quick - no colors.

Then it's just printing and it's a month to go before SPX.

That means I also gotta crank the writing on the next thing to 11.

Maybe I'll actually finish cleaning the apartment. Marcos moved, what, two and a half months ago?

There's also the neglected life to consider... eh, that's what SPX is for. Or something.

In the meantime, I go crank 8 to 11, for the next 45. Then I hit hays I've deprived too long for 6.5. Maybe I hit hays for the full 8 tomorrow.


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