Sunday, October 22, 2006


Very special thanks to Charlito and Mr. Phil for Indie Spinner Rack, which has been a big part of reinvigorating my drawing hand this weekend. I've been listening to their podcast interviews with Jamie Tanner, G. B. Tran, Alec Longstreth and Dave Sim. Inspirational and funny, these guys have gotten me to 1/3 of the way through the pencils of page 5 of EMAW #8. I started page one panel 1 last night, so I feel chuggy.

It feels good. I was feeling a bit... let down? by issue 7. It's always hard for me to enjoy a book right after I'm done with it though. Maybe I'll feel more satisfied with it once I start hating the new book. So, probably two weeks or so from now. It is nice to stretch the art in a different way, even if all the perspective lines are killing my arms. Aside from doing backgrounds out my wazoo, which is just a tremendous leap from the last book, I'm happy that some of the gags I'd written out last month are turning out nicely.

Actually, the whole book feels leapy. I think people are going to see this issue as a leap. At least the people in my head will.


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