Saturday, October 28, 2006


Page 10 is pencilled. Page 11 is about about halfway done, depending on how long the flying lizards and rats take — certainly not as long as the architecture at the top of the page. The architecture and comic-bookiness is taking the longest to do, but I think it's going to be worth it. If I nail the animals, that will REALLY be worth it. They've been fast to draw so far, but there's just a shit-load of them coming, lots of over-lapping.

I'm glad that Marcos seems to have caught the mega-enthusiasm bug, too. So, I'm not completely alone.

For the googlers and other searchers, more of The List is coming soon. I've got about 150 more songs to add, I just need to take the time to write.

I realized how I might start describing this, which is nice. At first I was going with a "What if The Incal was written well" sort of mission statement, but that sounded terrible. Then I went with a "What if The Incal was written with a more modern sensibility." Still not great. Now it's a little more, "What if Trondheim and Sfar did a Moebius-style sci-fi book." It's not the best marketing campaign, but it's a start. I'd like to get it into more of a "What if you never heard of Moebius, The Incal, Trondheim or Sfar" phraseology. Not exactly for 'marketing' so much as for answering that dread question I'm always asked; variations on "What's it about?" "What sort of comics do you do?" "Tell me about your book." "Fascinating. I love The Incredibles. Is it like that?" Fair questions most, I just never have a great answer.


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