Monday, October 23, 2006


Had to pick up Evelyn at the airport and spend the time, so I didn't get at much done as I wanted to, but I've at least finished page five's pencils. I need to look at bldgblog some more to get inspiration for architecture, because I'm starting to repeat mice elf, and I really don't want to do that too much.

But I'm feeling groovy. I'm deep in the groove. I'm well-worn. And that means... it's time for a schedule. One of my goals in life is too actually meet one of these schedules. I think I can do it with this one.

Finish pencils on Wednessday, November 22. It's the day before my birthday and Thanksgiving (which seem to be falling on the same day more often in adulthood than they did in childhood). What a gift that will be to me: finishing the pencils.


Anyway, finish the inks on the main book on January 2 (it gets spread out for holidays).

I haven't decide if this is going to be in color or not yet. It could really go either way. If I'm smart, I'll start doing digital work as I ink pages. But I'll give a day a page anyway, because color could kill me.

That's got me done with digitals on February 7.

I could have these all printed and assembled by February 18.

That is really, really depressing. Four months after #7 debuts.

Let's make a ludicris schedule, based on completing five pages this weekend. Imagining Alec Longstreth and Dave Sim breathing down my neck every minute.

The above is based on an average of a page a day, minus holiday, of each stage of work. The below is based on one page a day per weekday and two page each Saturday and Sunday, minus holidays.

Pencils are done November 16.
Inks are done December 15.
Digitals done January 16.
And assemblies done January 23. BLAM! Only three months to completion!

Now, if I do THREE PAGES every TWO WEEKDAYS, and... okay. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. (eh, the most breakneck I can imagine has me done assembling on December 26, first day of Kwanzaa — which would be the awesome, even if it means I'll have run out of friends at that point.)

I also want to have THE LIST finished then. D-MAN, can I do it?


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