Thursday, October 19, 2006

So Brrrrr

Well, tonight looks to be my second straight night of sobriety since last Tuesday. Wednessday night was the scotch as I finished prepping for the show. Thursday was beer and wine for the first night in Bethesda. Friday was wine and beer and whiskey and then back to wine... which led to a rather miserable first few hours at the show on Saturday (barely a recap/apology over here). Saturday night was beer, wine and whiskey and wine. Sunday... wine. Monday, manny beers. Tuesday was a lot of whiskey and a shot of jagermeister for some kind of measure (somewhere beyond good and evil).

Last night, I pretty much tried to recover. Tonight should be drawing. I want to have pencil on paper before anyone starts reading the latest issue of Earth Minds Are Weak, regretting I was ever a part of their lives.

The show (SPX) was great, for all the faults shows have. We only have plans to do two next year (maybe three), and it would be nice to go to one without doing all the selling (or the not-selling as the case may be), because it can burn you out as much as inspire you. But we're most likely not going to a show until summer, making the whole convention period seem fresher... maybe. I kind of envy the Mike Dawsons, Heidi MacDonalds, Bob Schrecks and Jogs of the world, with their schmoozing, buying, hanging, hiding and guest being.

It's always great to catch up with other comics nerds and meet new ones and get new comics in heavilly lop-sided trades (haha! I win!). I'm sure I'll be hankering to go once MoCCA happens again. Maybe.

But, for now, it's time for dinner and then it's back to work. I've got thumbnails waiting to be transformed into crap (I even managed to do some work on the bus ride down — not so much the extended, Adam Sandler-blaring ride back), so I'd better hotfoot it. I dream of finishing the next book in time for the holiday, I just hope it's the holidays THIS year.


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