Monday, October 23, 2006


Blogging by email from the office.

I'm thinking about supplementary material for Earth Minds #8. Much of
this goes back to what the Looooonnnngstreth and Sim were talking
about in their indiespinnerrack interviews. The idea of A) giving
more bangs for bucks (or bangs for free, 'cause being a slut is
really my default setting) and B), as the Sim put it, making sure the
reader is still immersed in the book even after he's finished the
cheese dootles he bought with it. I still like the idea of short
chunks, but alternating the short chunks with the long thickness is
what I should be doing. What we all should be doing. Do it!

Listening to the Sim interview was particularly nice, on reflection.
I stayed with Cerebus long after the point where he went all Dennis
Miller/Christopher Hitchens with added misogyny and Judeo-Christian-
Islamo fanaticism, and only left when I started to get bored with the
monthly installments of Ernest Hemmingway (Ham Ernestway, oy). I made
it pretty far, but realised I couldn't read it anymore. But I forgot
how much I missed his OTHER fanatical obsession: making and self-
publishing comics. He's really the best there is at getting you
motivated to work, and getting you to work better than you thought
you were going to.

Anyway, I'd definitely like to do a quick
idea>thumbnail>pencil>ink>digitize>color? piece. It's something I
always LOVE seeing, but never included because... well, it seems like
the very height of hubris. But I love it when other people do it,
even when I don't absolutely love the finished work. And I'm no worse
than people I don't care for, so maybe it'll be a good thing for
people like me.

Maybe include a history essay on where all this came from, and where
it might be headed. The book, that is. Other places the book was
going before it became what it's becoming. Things that influenced it
and the like.

If I've got The List done, I think that'd be the ultimate super crazy
inclusion. I really, really, really (with sugar on top), want to have
that be included. That will be soooooo awesome.

Maybe a Cliff Face catalog page. I've been thinking about doing a
Cliff Face Catalog for some time. maybe once Marcos revamps the
store... What's that?

What else can I throw in there? I want this book to be nearly
unfoldable in its massiveness.


I need to get myself an office dude-friend. I went out for lunch and
saw this girl who got the fall fashion memos all screwed up. She
thought the bulky sweater with leggings look would work with a bulky
sweater and thin stockings. The sweater wasn't nearly long enough to
do it right. But what was being done was AWESOME. I looked all around
for someone to talk to, but all there were were hollering fools. I
got back to the office and realized my best dude-friend is a girl,
and she's away on her honeymoon — and it's not the same with her. I
just need a daytime dude-friend to share these experiences with, so I
don't blog about them and get in the troubles. Damn Protestant blog-
readers. Dude.


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