Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I got very worked up last night, especially after getting orders from two stores that had never ordered from me before. Then I was calling out every comics creator I admired and saying that my new book would crush them all. This is my new attitude. I'm actively competing with every cartoonist and consider their best work to be an open challenge. I envision something like when Brian Wilson heard Revolver and countered with Pet Sounds. Except, in this world, he doesn't scrap Smile, hears Sgt. Pepper and makes Smile. Then it keeps building. Or when the Minutemen responded to Zen Arcade with Double Nickels on the Dime. Or like when All Eyez On Me followed Ready to Die.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cartoonists I admire. So, I was up very late. Then, when I was finally waring out and falling asleep, some kids decided to play ring and run with the building's doorbells. For half an hour.

So, now I'm working on about three hours sleep. Yay!

Doesn't matter, the pages are getting done. Slowly, but AWESOMELY.

Anyway, I'm calling you out. Y'all better make some great comics in the next couple months, because I'm goin' all Hikaru No Go on all use asses. This book is gonna rock hard like biznaz. All Eyez On the Double Nickels Making Pet Sounds. Crack a window and slap it around. Damn.


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