Saturday, November 11, 2006

ARE YOU Are You are you

Who's my bitch? BAM! Page 11! Slap it around! Beat it for love!

It was new and stiff, but I did some work with the 102, anyway. It softened up for page 11 for sweetness. I had been doing some of the tight lines with an Extra Fine rolling ball, but it was starting to bleed a little more than I like, and the ink was lying uneven. So, I switched back to the Hunt 102 for the first time in... probably since last winter. I was using the Ball because I was tired of waiting for the Higgins to dry and i thought I could get more precise. I was wrong. I'm sorry, Hunt 102. I beg your forgiveness.

On the subject of going back to olds, I think I'll be going back to illustration board once I run out of the Bristol I'm using. I've never printed work done on board in EMAW, but I think I'm ready for that sweet surface again.

Tomorrow, I tackle Pages 12–14. I expect it to be fun. And then Page 15, the big one. The Issue 1 Finale.


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