Friday, November 17, 2006


It's been D-Man weather, all week, here at Cliff Face Headquarters. It's really impeding my inks. Decided to figure out those color tests I'd been working on. I've got about a dozen tests covering the Cliff Face Couch. Some are in the color of black and white. I really don't know what way this is gonna go.

I blame Gilbert Hernandez's lousy colors on the cover and gorgeous-as-usual black and white art inside 3 Daughters. Damn him for making me more confused as usual about what he was doing and then making me cry on the train. 3 Daughters is the least 'stand-alone' of Beto's collections, but acts as such a phenomenal closing note for his Palomar/Luba stories that it's hard to imagine more. Even though it leaves so many questions open. Like, "What happened to Pipo's face before that one scene?" "When did Pipo's body get so super-stylized?" "How can Pipo still idolize her ex-husband?" There are also a lot of questions left unanswered about the characters playing a more front-and-center role in this story. The book skips ahead, faster into the future with each chapter, showing us change without telling us why things happened. And then there's that utterly devastating ending. I started trying to figure out what was wrong with one of the characters, and then it became very clear and then I cried. On the train. It pissed me off. Mostly though, I just enjoyed spending a little more time with these messed up people.

I have one or two more tests I want to try out, but I need to go to bed for early workin's tomorrow. Groan.


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