Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Work on the list continues apace. Not posting any because I'm going to overshoot 2007 by so much that it's not worth it to be writing for stuff that won't make it.

How much Eno will be on it? Lookin' the mucho. There's his pop, his ambient, his Roxy, his Bowie, his Devo, his Talking Heads, his U2...ENO!!!!


I bought the cheapest acrylic set I could find at the one art store I went to after work. Apparently I bought the slowest-drying acrylics on This is Planet Earth. So, color test waits until another day. Unless i wake up reallyreallyreally early tomorrow. Unlikely.

Page 3 is inked and page four is about halfway inked. I'm impressed by how well things are working even when they're not working as well as planned. Or just as planned. There are some added elements yet to be done, but I hope to get far enough ahead on the inks to fit them in and still get done on time. Luckily, some of these elements are things that I can use for issues and issues and issues to come.


Ok. Off to beds. Maybe I'll get 7 hors in tonight.


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