Friday, November 10, 2006


Well, one big reason for the blog is keeping me honest. Damn you, all-seeing computer!

Finished page five, inked borders for 6–15 and layed #4 brush down on 6–9. That is all. No tightness. I've been using these steel-tipped pens for tight lines, but I think I'm crackin' the Hunt 102s for the next couple pages.

Color tests continue. I've been going back and forth on the first page. Will try to do tests on pages 2–3 to get a good feel and the right palette.

And I bought an ass-load of comics. I knew the Dedini book was out today and Thrizzle #3 was out last week and Death Note #8 was out, but there were some little books that looked interesting AND a new Beto collection that took me by complete surprise. All told, tall dolladolla dropped. Still, it's an ace selection. Now I just need to find time to read them.

Beto's even got freakin' 11 new, unique to the collection, stories in this book. Some day, I will tell him to his face how much I hate him. Until then, I'll keep suffering through what I'm sure is another wonderful book. But I'm saving it for last, because I always save Beto for last. And read Death Note first. Those are the rules. This is the new number order.


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