Saturday, November 11, 2006


Page 6 — DUN!
Page 7 — 8/10 Donne!
Page 8 — 1/2 Dune!
Page 9 — 8/10 Don!
Page 10 — 1/3 Down!

I should have them all in the Bagge tomorrow.

Page 11 is staring at me, telling me I'll never do it. I'll do it and make aces!
Pages 12–13 should be flush.
Page 15 will then be the royal sampler.

Didn't get to color test today, but I think I can get Jackson Five wit it if my mentals are trips to win.

Could issue 8 be the November surprise? Call me Mr. October.

Death Note 8 is another transitional volume, but it's solid and I expect payoff. Almost finished reading it.

Started the 3 Daughters, skipping the rest because I just couldn't wait. Some day I'll bore you with my "Beto is the freakin' Cézanne of comics" rant. Alabama slam it dowm, he's SO! AWESOME!


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