Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Page 5 is 2/3 done. Stopped to scan so I can work at work on work I like. And clerical duties.


I need a new apartment, cause this one is a total mess. A man needs a maid. A maaaaaannnnnn neeeeedsssss a maaaaaiiiiddddddddd. Bob told Neil he liked the arrangement, so screw you. Thumbs.


I'm drinking Bruce's Sutter Home for House win. I'll drink Italian when we win the senate. If Hillary wins the presidency in 08, I'll pour out a 40 for all my fallen homies.


Listened to Hi Teknology 2. Wow. Even for a producer album, this was... mediocre. Thanks, Hi-Tek, for making a whole album of filler tracks. Actually, the beats are ok in that "Hi-Tek only makes filler beats anyway" way, but no one stepped up to the plate. It was like Talib, Nas, Busta, Q-Tip, et all were all batting champions stepping up to bat at a little league game, and then they decided to let the kids win. Hit it out of the park, dudes. If I was ten, I'd rather say Hank Aaron hit a home run off my preteenself than say I struck him out looking.

There was a metaphor in there somewhere.


I see Cee-Lo put out a greatest hits album. He's written one hit that isn't on it and co-written/performed on another that also isn't on it. The whole is two Goodie Mob tracks and a sampler from his two solo albums. I don't know if this makes me love him more or if this is another My Super Sweet 16 moment. Oh, Cee-Lo...


Fot the first time this season, Veronica Mars felt like the awesome again. I'm glad they've given up trying to appeal to the Gilmore Girls' few remaining fans and have decided to make the show The Show again.


If there was a Last FM of love, I'd fill mine with Jaques Tardi tonight.


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