Sunday, November 12, 2006


Thank you, inclement weather! I did a little inking today (about a third), but my large blacks are coming out washed and my pen lines are feathering out the edges.

And it's supposed to rain until THURSDAY.

Fuck me. I may have to run the air conditioner to dry the plays out.


So, I did some web work. Adjusted some New Store text and screwed something up. Marcos, why is the EMAW #4 listing no longer flush left? I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID!!!!

Did a little catching up on the reading Wow, Nextwave really does read like an old WEF thread. And Three Daughters is still awesome.

Worked on The List. You know what college-era album didn't age well? Ill Communication. Didn't that used to have, like, 8 hot tracks? No? You know what college-era album is still super classic? Illmatic. Now I wish every album that came out in 1994 had ILL in the title.

Otherwise, I've been more unproductive than I'd been in a while.

Maybe I should drink and watch some Marx Brothers.


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