Sunday, December 03, 2006


Will I like New York in June?

Saw this at the Beat:

The MoCCA problem: Too many exhibitors signing up.

"The solution that Art Festival organizers came up with was to convert the Puck Building’s elegant seventh-floor Skylight Ballroom from a lecture hall into exhibitor space. By shifting panel sessions to the museum itself (located just two short blocks west), festival organizers were able to instantly add another 60+ tables."

That's the top of the building. Accessable by elevator. Six floors above the main exhibition hall. Guess where I think Cliff Face Comics will be?

I'm trying to wrap my head around this one.

First of all, they're moving the panels out of the Puck Building to MoCCA proper. Meaning people have to leave the show if they want to catch a panel. So, aside from cutting panel attendance way down, this should also ensure that guests going to panels won't be rushing back to the show proper.

Second of all, this should effectively cut 60+ exhibitors off from most of the guests not wanting to wait on line or take the (I think two?) elevators up to the seventh floor. Certainly, most people won't want to take the stairs. This should create quite an exciting ghetto, especially since the big publishers will all be downstairs. In the same spots they're in every year.

Third of all, anyone upstairs can pretty much forget about running outside for a quick, five-minute cigarette if they just need to get away from their table for a moment.

Fourth, this should eliminate quite a few quick trips to other tables for trading or buying for exhibitors.

Fifth, this is an increased attendance supposedly with the table-price increase. Which is surprising. Especially since last year's show seemed, to me, a bit under-exhibited.

Sixth, who are all these new publishers??? Part of me is actually pretty excited to see that many new people.

Seventh, I wonder how much of this is a response to New York Comicon overflow. And, if so, I wonder what that means.

Eighth, I wonder if this will finally mean there are going to be more exhibitors than guests.

Ninth, I wonder if people who purchased tables the day of the show last year will be given downstairs tables. If so, then I'll only feel bad for the 60+ publishers upstairs. If not, then I'll wallow in a little self pity before feeling bad for anyone else.

Tenth, think about how much fun setting your table up and breaking it down will be if you're on the seventh floor.

Eleventh, I think it will be helpful to start getting drunk on Saturday morning.

How about you?


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