Saturday, December 16, 2006


With their intelect, and their savoir-faire.

Page seven pencils done. Entering the second chamber. Only built for cuban linx. Looking the goods. This is the nine-panel grid. The new density.

Hopefully, I can put page 8 down before the shin at Marcos' digs. Then it's pages 9 and ten tomorrow. Second half of the second chapter. The next episode.

Page 11 on Monday. Tuesday is holiday party. Drink for free and skip out before ugly. Wednesday is Page 12. 13 for Thursday. Squeeze a 14 on Friday. If I'm lucky, Saturday can be 15 & 16. If I'm REALLY REALLY lucky, I can knock 17 out on Sunday before X-Mas eve festivities. Monday is bust. Tuesday–Friday might be D.O.A. If I can get the inks started next weekend, then I'm on the track. Stax/Sun Volted for New Years.

I know there's going to be Suave and alcohol and reunitions in there as well. Fingers crossed, it's all tight between holidays.

Then I might have inks done by mid January and I release me.


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