Sunday, December 24, 2006


So, the bloggo still isn't taking my new images. What the image is, is a reworking of that image two posts down. It's really getting on my nerves. I have this terrible fear that some unfortunate soul looking for insightful commentary on Hypatia Lee might stumble upon that previous image and think, "Oh, so this is as good as it gets here?"

The image I want to post isn't the final image, but it is the next stage, and it's light-years better. It looks like something someone with chops might do as their first go-around (the previous was my gazillionth, give-or-take).

While waiting for the blog-O-matic 3000 to wake up to my man-needs, I spent some time over at Eddie Campbell's blog. He's been going through the photos Alan Moore took of London for use in From Hell.

That in itself is fascinating, but Campbell takes the time to make it even more fascinating — the bastard.

It starts here, coninues here, keeps going, and has gotten to here, so far.

What's featured? Well, Campbell talks a bit about the work his assistants do (this is a bit of info I'd like to get nailed down some time). He talks about Jamie Delano's all-too-often-too-brief comics-writing gigs. You get to see Moore when he's not all dolled up and tarted out. And you get to compare Moore's photos with Campbell's art.

Anyway, it's just the sort of treasure I like to see get untroved.

Now, where's my pistures, biyatch?


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