Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well, I had every intention of going to bed before 2, but I wound up doing a bit of trawling the sidebar and wound up on that olde so-and-so, Floopie Spurge's List of the Top Comics of the Year Lists. And started reading the lists as linked.

A lot of them hit the same beats. But I'm proud/ashamed to say that I haven't read a number of the books that appeared very frequently. Actually, this was such an ENORMOUS year for comics that it would be almost impossible to read all the books that could've easily been on Top Ten lists years past.

Just going off those lists, I started jotting down the things I loved and the things I missed. I figured there'd be about twenty or so that I read that I could shape into a shorter list. And then I could do some catch up on some things I shouldn't've missed.

When the list hit 40, I stopped. And did something dangerous. I started pulling books. Literally. I went first to the ottoman, and then the love seat. Then over to the pile on top of the short boxes. Then I hit the pile in front of the bookcases. Then I went to the bookcases. Then I went to to tupperware bins. Then the laundry pile. Then the other laundry pile. Then the OTHER laundry pile. Then the bags. And the bookshelf for paper storage. And the computer desk. And the knapsacks. Then the books in the knooks. Then the ones in the crannies.

I haven't even hit the bedroom yet... Or the desk at my office.

Anyway, I've now covered the one open sitting space in the livingroom with books from 2006 worth mentioning, including minicomics — an area often left untouched by these sorts of things. This should be quite a list.

But first, here's a list of some notable books I still haven't read:

The new Krazy & Ignatz collections
The Walt & Skeezix books
The Popeye book
The most recent Peanuts books
The most recent Little Lulu books
Batman Year 100
Ghost of Hoppers
Dragon Head
Lost Girls
The Ticking
Absolute New Frontier
Fun Home
Ode to Kirihito
Seven Soldiers #1
Billy Hazelnuts
Japan As Viewed by 17 Creators

That's a top 19+ list already.

It probably is two or three people's Top Ten lists combined into one (Jog's, Dan Nadel's and everyone else's).

And none of them will be on my list! Well, Ninja has been sitting on the ottoman for how long now? I really should get to reading it. That and The Ticking are the ones I'm most embarassed I haven't read yet.

What will be on my list? Well let's just say that I'm thinking about doing a Top 50 list. That doesn't include the above. Unless I read them before I get around to writing it. The list also won't include anything from Marvel. Sorry, Civil War, you just stopped being funny. There will probably be two things from DC. None from Dark Horse. None from Slave Labor. None from Top Shelf. One from Oni. One from Image. The rest? Fantagraphics, D&Q, Bodega, First Second, Viz, Beunaventura and a number of self publishers. There will be two anthologies (I think), neither of which are Mome or Kramer's Ergo.

Okay. Time for beddy-bye. If I keep typing I'll start making the list, and I won't get to sleep.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

you can say list on podcast!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

I'll stick to some tops. Fifty is a freakin' lot.

6:33 PM  

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