Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Inking has begun! I was a little sidetracked this evening. I decided to watch 24 with my dinner and got caught up in the ridiculousness of it all (not to mention the genre-tv incestuousness of it: President Buffy Principal! Chief of Stiff Ghostbusters 2! Manager Buffy Friend! Terror Kumar! Terror Dr. Bashir! Computer Guy Nikita's Neighbor!).

I didn't realize it was two hours of silly. Then I talked to my mom for the first time since Christmas. That was another good hour and a half.

But now I'm back to the work. In it with the pen. I haven't gotten around to picking up the mythical Japanese T-99 nibs yet, but I'm actually doing some ruled lines, so the Hunt 102 should be fine. It's the stiff reliable.

I haven't given up on my mega list of music, but I've been in the mood to work with a more consistent soundtrack these past two days. I've gone a bit gothy, as I try to transform myself into James O'Barr, I guess. I was asked if Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was ever used in a John Hughes movie (it wasn't). It WAS used in Donnie Darko, that deconstruction of John Hughes movies, though. And, looking at the Division's wiki site, it was noted that James O'Barr was listening to them when he created the Crow.

So, I put the Joy Division on. And then there was The Cure. Then Nine Inch Nails. And then My Bloody Valentine. Now it's Sun 0)))/Boris doing the ambient drone metal.

I even lit a candle. A caribean fruit candle, but it's moody... like voodoo! Sunny voodoo. And I think my finger nails are the only parts of my finger not black with ink. Now, where's my corset?

Bang! Bang!


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