Friday, February 02, 2007


Hey, next time I come up with a great idea (like draping a character entirely in an elaborate lace pattern), feel free to walk up behind me with your giant Bisleygun and shoot me in the back of the head, splattering my grey matter and skull fragments all across the wall.

Speaking of giant Bisleyguns, I've been inspired by the recent Complete Nemesis the Warlock collection to seek out a whole bunch of old 2000AD comics (some 4
years after DC's aborted attempt to collect them). A lot of this stuff is out of print or hard to find, but I was able to get my hands on a few books.

I'm loving the energy and inventiveness of these British sci-fi comics and thinking about what they might be able to offer my own sci-fi comic. O'Neill's growth as an artist is something amazing to behold, especially if you also sneak some peaks at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen whill reading his stuff. Some of the work is rough — really rough — as 2000AD was often the place new cartoonists started out. Still, what the artists lack in honed skills and storytelling ability, they more than make up for with a unique visual sensibility. It's not always the case, but people like O'Neill, Talbot and Bisley often only show the promise of what they would become.

For the record, I've gotten an ABC Warriors book, The Black Hole, featuring Simon Bisley and S.M.S. on art and a Marshal Law book, Blood, Sweat and Fears, with Kevin O'Neill on art. Both books were written by Pat Mills (Mills and O'Neill were also responsible for Nemesis). I got The Complete Indigo Prime by Smith & Weston and Hadley. I've like Weston's art on The Invisibles and The Filth (among others), but Weston's Indigo Prime might make those books appear as dull phantoms when sitting next to one another. I got Hewligan's Haircut by Milligan and Hewlett, which looks nice, and something else I can't think of. Hmmm...

And I'll be on the lookout for The Mills/O'Neill/Brendan-Freakin'-McCarthy ABC Warriors as well as The Complete Judge Dredd Case Files volumes with art by Gibbons, Bolland, Bond, MacMahon, O'Neill and Brendan-Holy Shit-McCarthy.

I also want to get some Hewlett Tank Girl. Someday, I'll find it. The rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Accompanying my ink hell, and a synchronistic link with my newfound Britcomics love, I've been listening to these great podcasts:

Eddie Campbell's "Man at the Crossroads" (And possibly the inspiration for his Mr. Simpson? Certainly, the voice matches what I've always had in my head), Mr.
Paul Gravett
Part 1.

And Paul Gravett Part 2.

Also, on The League of Extraordinary Gentlmen past, present & future, Kevin O'Neill, Rob Liefeld and Chris Ware: Alan Moore Part 1.

On magic, Promethea and comics techniques, Alan Moore Part 2.

And assorted other stuff with Alan Moore Part 3.

All part of the "I'm Ready For My Closeup" radio show.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

i check out cast.

alan moore will be on spinner rack this month!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

He gives good interview, that Moore. And talks about a bunch of stuff I didn't know about. It breaks!

6:27 PM  

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