Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Kenny is moving in with his girlfriend like a crazy guy. And I'm the one benefiting from his crazy (well, Marcos is too). Before his move, he's decided to purge his comics collection and he just came by bearing a huge box of books. I can't believe he actually carried all these over here. Love makes Kenny do crazy things.

So, what did I score?

Let's see...

Gahan Wilson's Still Weird
Paul Pope's Escapo (I have the version in Giant-size THB or Buzz Buzz or something, but this is the expanded version)
THB 6a,b, and d (I only owned c — huh.)
Sam Hiti's Tiempos Finales
Eddie Campbell's Bachus Book 9: King Bacchus (the only one I didn't have)
The pixelated version of Nate Powell's Sounds of Your Name (it's HUGE)
A Shazam Annual reprinting old Captain Marvel stories
Shazam Archives Vol. 1 (oh, how I love that C.C. Beck subway car from the first story)
Justice League Archives Vol. 1 (I think these are the same stories that appeared in the Showcase book, but in colors!)
Watchmen (I've never actually owned this. Read it manny time, never owned)
Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis and the six Moore Swamp Thing collections
Mickey Death
The two Persopolis books
Crisis of Infinite Earths!
Guy Davis' Baker Street
Those Ted McKeever Elseworlds
Ted McKeever War of the Worlds (?!)
Wolverine: Snikt!
Tales of Durga Vol. 514 An Indian religious comic with a goddess swinging an elephant by its trunk. Beat that, Jesus.
Bombaby (sexy Indian space goddess thingy)
Totems (I guess this was supposed to be a Vertigo teamup book with art by Richard Case, Duncan Fregredo and Dean Ormstrom)
Two issues of Shaolin Cowboy
Deadline (a reporter in the Marvel Universe thing)
Some minis by J Hindle (I don't know who that is)

Also, there was a bunch of stuff I already have. Still, pretty awesome haul.

Marcos got the Eddy Current hardcover I've craved since sophomore year of college. Meaning I have another reason to hate him. I wish they'd reprint that. And Metropol in a single, more sensible edition. And an absolute Industrial Gothic while I'm fantasizing. And a big softcover of his notorious (but better than haterz claim) Doom Patrol run with Rachel Pollack. And the Anne Nocenti/John Romita Jr./Al Williamson Daredevils. And the Mark Gruenwald Captain Americas.

Hmm... got off track there.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

never owned watchmen!
i wish i saw persepolis, so i could complete my collection. thats easier to come by then that eddy current.

on the other handm i have escapo but didnt see those thb's!

damn kenny and his messy room.

i should make complete lis's for jealousy.

now buy him a sandwich!

9:45 AM  
Blogger Marcos Perez said...

of all those you'd think theyd do a gruenwald.

then again i think it was only this year they released a "birth of venom" book. though they must have released some mcfarlane before....

whatever both companies have treasure troves from our yutes we'd like to see again...on better paper.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

There were some duplicates in there. I had about half the THBs in the box.

I think I'm one of the few people who never owned Watchmen. I borrowed it a two times, but how many time can the thing be reread?

8:00 PM  
Blogger Marcos Perez said...


5 time.

im prettty sure i've only read it once.

8:35 PM  

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