Wednesday, April 11, 2007



I had one of those days where everybody wanted to talk to me. It freaked me out quite a bit.

One of the cashiers at Forbidden Planet (the store to go to on big manga days) decided to tell me about every manga and asian movie ever. She was very nice and pointed out some things I might want to check out, but I'm not really the most social person ever. Also, I've never gotten used to talking to people in a comic book store. Comic book stores and talking are like like libraries and dancing: I really should get better at it, 'cause that's the wave of the present. What?

Then I went over to Blimpie for a sandwich, my luch hour getting real short. It's a regular stop for me, and everyone knows what I want and how I want it. I don't even say words to order anymore. But then one of the guys decided that he wanted to know all about my job and whatnot. This further cut my lunch hour down to about seven minutes.

Then there's the crazy new girl at the office that keeps trying to strike up converations with me. That's just crazy.

Then, as I was leaving the office — running to get home and curl up all alone in a corner of my safety closet — some guy shouts, "Hey! Is that a Forbidden Planet bag?" I turn around, and it's one of the retouchers, a guy who I've managed to get all conversation down to a series of acknowlegment grunts. He wants to talk about the comics I got and tell me all about Marvel Zombies.

What's wrong with people? I'm not likable, pleasant or welcoming. But maybe no one can see that anymore. I must seem lovable with my new beard. Like Santa Claus. Stupid jolly beard. That and the comics. It's suddenly perfectly ok for people to talk about comics openly and without shame. What happened to our secret club with its secret roster? It was like being Masons or Cold War spies from allied nations. Now it's all pride pride pride.

I need to find a hobby where people still feel shame. Perhaps I'll look into reading legal briefs.


But there's one thing no one told me about. Or, if they did, I missed it, trying to plot my escape. Hikaru No Go Vol. 9 came out! Not this week, maybe the last. And it's probably the best one yet. It's very funny and the tension is is ridiculously high. Hotta and Obata have done a great job preparing us for Hikaru's failures, as well as his successes, so the outcome of any game is entirely in doubt. This issue is increasing the stakes by introducing more inernational characters and, specifically, a character that looks at Hikaru the way Hikaru looks at Akira.

Did I mention that the entire volume is centered around the challenge of intentional tying. Tying! Seriously, tying has never been so exciting.


Also gotten was the new Mome #7 (Eleanor Davis! Al Columbia! Lewis Trondheim, David Heatley, Paul Hrnschemeier, Anders Nilsen Andrice Arp, Kurt Wolfgang and others might make this the best Mome yet)the new Fell #8 (which actually doesn't look super promising, but may surprise), the new Death Note #11 (only one or two left to go!) and the old Times of Botchan #1 (I read the third volume and absolutely loved it).


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

i need death note!

1:53 PM  
Blogger alex said...

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Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Is very good. Very exciting. Very Aisawa.

8:09 PM  

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